VIBBIDI Attempts to Connect People Through Music Videos

VIBBIDI music videos app

This might shock readers under 30, but there was a time when music channels such as MTV and MuchMusic actually showed music videos instead of cheesy reality TV shows. Yes, hard as it is to believe, artists actually used to release a video to go along with their new music. Times were much more innocent back then.

Kids these days don’t know what they’re missing!

Snarky reminiscing aside, we tend to forget this now, but music videos were the go-to method for artists to connect with audiences for over 20 years. Most of us remember discovering a new song or artist through a music video and we all have those certain music videos that we loved.

VIBBIDI is an app that is attempting to bring back the love that people had for music videos and to create a network that will unite them. VIBBIDI can be described as being part social media platform and part streaming app. Users can upload their favorite music videos and collect them into groups, follow other users and collections, or just decide they want to watch from the vast library of music videos already uploaded.

How to use it

The user experience of VIBBIDI is fairly straightforward, simply search by genre or artist  and add a video to your collection. You can have multiple collections and give them unique names such as “Lavish Nineties Luv” or “Innate Funkiness” (all real collection names) and find music fans that share your tastes in music videos.

The major downside to VIBBIDI is in how videos that appear in your timeline are on autoplay…so you have to make sure you aren’t accessing your app during a company meeting. It’s one of those annoying quirks that you hope will be remedied in future iterations.

It will be interesting to see where VIBBIDI goes from here. Will they be a temporary fad, much like music videos themselves were, or will they be able to capitalize on the social networking aspect and grow their user base?

All in all though, VIBBIDI has been fun to use and strangely addicting. For those of you that have fond memories of watching music videos and bonding over them, VIBBIDI will be one of your favorite apps. As for those of you that don’t have any recollection about music videos…well it’s still worth checking out, only to see what we old fogeys are ranting about when we shake our fists and talk about how “MTV was great in my day!”

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