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Welcome to the Craptastic Swag Store!

All the profits made from the sale of these outrageously marked up products gets plowed right back into The World’s Most Popular Podcast™!

You, too, can show your love of technology and music by dropping your cold hard cash on our blatant rip-offs!

But act now! Quantities are unlimited. And when they’re gone, they’re gone!

WARNING! Cafepress rips off Canadians with a 40% exchange rate. In the top right corner of the item page, be sure to select “USD” because you’ll get a better rate on the Loonie by going with the conversion than paying in Canadian Dollars directly

License Plate Frame Mockup

The G&B Free for 10 Bucks License Plate Frame

You asked for ’em, we got ’em! And we don’t make a thin red dime on ’em — just like radio station swag. These Geeks & Beats License Plate Frames are your way of saying we rock without putting any cash in our pockets.


$9.99 + Shipping

Bumper Sticker Mockup

The G&B Free Bumper Sticker

We need about tree fitty for this free bumper sticker. Like the license plate frame, we make nothing on this and still don’t expect anyone to buy one. If you do, send us a photo as proof.

Bonus! Available in clear!

Buy Now $3.49 + Shipping


The G&B Special Edition Members-Only Exclusive Mug of Drinking

The markup on this baby is outrageous! Put your money where your mug is and support the show with a donation! In return you get the a bigger mug than what those cheap bastards get, plus yours has five stars on it! And it holds liquids!

Tell us you’ve bought this mug and we’ll thank you on the big show!

Buy Now $42 + Shipping

The G&B Miracle Travel Mug of Traveling

Because you’re probably going to be in the car when you listen to The World’s Most Popular Podcast. By the miracle of modern science, this mug will keep hot things hot, and cold things cold!


Buy Now $30 + Shipping

Send us an action shot on Twitter using the #gnbmugtour2018 hashtag and we’ll add yours to the gallery!