Experiment V

have no idea how I was snookered into recording a podcast during the first half of a Super Bowl, but Michael (as you’ll hear) has little interest in any sort of sportsball.  But duty calls, so I sucked it up.  Here’s what was discussed this week.

The loudest sound system in Europe

How the era of the iPod is drawing to a close

Apple’s iWatch and iOS 8 are reportedly fitness-focused

Useless hardware of the week:  a smartphone scent emitter

How big is YouTube when it comes to music? Big.  Very big.

Scamming Spotify for fun and profit 

Clever:  Forgotify

G&B Listener Alyssa frames us!

Swag promo!

Our kind co-producers!

Skinny Puppy sends US government an invoice for torture services.

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