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Want to promote your band or business?

We’re not above taking your money.

Be the Musical Guest


We’ve bumped Sting so many times, there are some nights he doesn’t even show up to the show. We can substitute your band as our musical guest. Here’s what we’ll do:

Let’s face it. We’ve bumped Sting from so many shows, chances are he’s not going to be surprised if we do it for you. You’ll hear your name spoken by Professional Announcer Andrea Rooz. We guarantee that hearing her announce your name will send chills down your spine.*

*Not a guarantee

We can’t play the whole thing without getting in trouble with those jamokes at the RIAA. Alan will pick the track and tell us what he thinks. If you suck, he’s going to say so. But how could anyone who listens to The World’s Most Popular Podcast™ suck?
It’s all part of the schtick. We’ll interview you via Skype and clip the conversation into a fast paced gag segment. By the end, you’ll wonder why you ever bothered to donate your hard earned cash to the show.
A standard advertising block will be prominently displayed on the Geeks & Beats website until the next episode. The segment will appear on the front page. There’s room for three musical guest links and will only get bumped once three more musical guests are booked, so there’s a good chance your band name will remain on the main page below the fold for quite some time.

Advertise Your Business


We’ll work with you to incorporate an outrageously obvious product placement within The World’s Most Popular Podcast™.

4 back to back episodes
At least 60 seconds
Permanent archive of the segment on the website
Thank-you tweet promoting you the day the show airs

We want this to be fun for our listeners, so we won’t do anything that risks tuning them out. Each advertising campaign is tailored to your specific needs. We’ll run everything past you so you understand what to expect. And then we just have some fun with it.

Serious Show Metrics

Season 1 of Geeks & Beats drew more than 57,000 listeners.

Here’s what we know about them:

Stats - Platforms
Stats - Graph

The big show Airs Wednesdays on iTunes because we know podcasting is consumed by commuters. That’s why we made the show approximately 30 minutes. And Wednesday is clearly the day we get the most reach, with a drop-off in listeners once the weekend hits.

Stats - Distribution

We’re bad. We’re worldwide.

62% of our listeners are Canadian. 0.0017% are Yemeni.

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