Apologies to Sting.

Apologies to Sting.

headshot_alan&michaelGeeks & Beats is signing off, this time for good. Each week we ran out of time, never getting the music legend out of the green room and into the studio for any of the 136 episodes over 4 seasons. He was so gracious about coming back each week, only to get bumped again.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and this is the end of the road for G&B. I’m just not able to put the work into the show that I once did and other projects and new opportunities are taking up an increasing amount of my time.

It’s been a blast putting together the show each week! Thanks for listening!

(Special thank-you to “Wifey” Ann Doose for her patience as a podcast widow)


Behind the Scenes

Studio 3B East at G&B Headquarters
Studio 3B East at G&B Headquarters

My favourite part of the show was the intro. It was wall-to-wall lies. And our musical guest gag was borne out of sheer laziness. I intended to rotate the musical guest, tag lines, and disclaimers each week, but never got off my ass to change the intro as our ace voiceover artist Andrea Rooz reveals.

The Best of G&B

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