Vegas, baby! Vegas!

The World’s Most Popular Podcast with Alan Cross and Michael Hainsworth is going to Sin City for the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show January 9-12!

#CES2018 Progress Report

Media Accreditation 100%
Flights Booked 100%
Guest Interview slots booked 90%
How to Win at Blackjack for Dummies 55%
Hotel Booked 10%

Who's Attending #CES2018?

Online Media Rules #CES2018

Interview Plans

Blackberry QNX VP

We’ll find out from the guy at the top what Canada’s doing to build the future of the autonomous  auto industry

Yamaha Motodroid

A self driving motorcycle!?!

Sublue Underwater Scooter

They’re even offering to let us try it out. Alan’s bringing his thong swimsuit to the big show

Ford Autonomous VP

The Detroit automaker has the pole position in the self driving car. We’ll find out when you get yours

Atari Pong Table

Shut up and take my money!!!

Forte VR Gloves

Feel virtually what your heart can’t in real life

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For $50 we’ll endure the trek through Disney For Grownups theme lobbies to get to a restaurant 45 minutes overbooked with a bartender who can’t understand Canadian when you ask for a “serviette” so you don’t have to.

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