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and The Source: two great things that go great together

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Alan Cross

Alan is a 30 year veteran radio personality, the creator of the wildly popular syndicated radio show The Ongoing History of New Music and The Secret History of Rock. Industry executives turn to Alan for his expertise in music history and his contacts. He’s advised music history museums as far away as Singapore and as close to home as Calgary’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Michael Hainsworth

Michael Hainsworth is a veteran Canadian broadcaster with over 25 years experience in radio and television. More than 3 million Canadians watch Michael on CTV News, Business News Network and App Central each week. The award winning host can take complex subjects and make them both interesting and understandable to a general audience.

Monthly Listeners

Source: Blubrry Podcast Statistics

Where in the world?

Most of our listeners are Canadian, like us. They’re super polite, informed, and well-heeled.

Where in Canada?

Most of our listeners are from the economic engine of the country.

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