Patrick Charles


Spotify is double-dipping

We’re engaging less and less with music because of our reliance on playlists. Spotify is pushing playlists over albums because that's what the people want.

Beats Commentary

Credits Where Credit is Due

If you’re of a certain age, you remember sliding out the little leaflet thingy in a CD and looking at the pictures, lyrics, and maybe even checking out the credits. If you’re of an even more certain...


How can you be in a band you don’t like?

Sometimes you hear something about an act you've never gotten into, and you consider giving their stuff a try, especially when they have new music coming out. The problem is, quite often though...



The boys were recently discussing earplugs for gigs on The Big Show. There's nothing more important than protecting your hearing when you're at a concert, especially once you realize that most times...


BitTorrent vs. Netflix, fight!

BitTorrent has been trying to change the way the public perceives them for some time. Shaking off the image of a service designed for stealing music hasn’t been easy, but now they’re trying something...