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Back In Time To The Future

It has already been thirty years since the first release and installment of one of the most successful movie trilogies in the Twentieth Century. With all the Hollywood movie re-makes and revamps that are currently in development such as a new Ghostbusters film and a recent announcement trilogy of Alien movies, let’s head ‘back in time’ where creativity meant originality. Let’s head back to the future. Alan Silvestri – Back To The Future (Theme) If this classic...

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Thirteen Signs Dave Grohl is a Superhero

Move over Batman and Superman. There’s a new superhero that may be coming soon to your town where you’ll have a shot at witnessing to see him to learn to walk again. Forty-six year-old lead singer and guitarist Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters is at the helm of one of the greatest and most successful rock bands in the last two decades. Since fracturing his foot over two months ago, Grohl insists he must keep their latest tour to continue even though when they’re all onstage...