Matt Padanyi


The Pinnacle of the Console Wars

But to solve the XBox/Playstation debate once and for all, the team over at Wired decided to pit the consoles against each other in the ultimate test of toughness.


Classic LucasArt Games Reborn On Modern PCs

Anyone who was playing computer games in the 1990s probably had at least one experience with LucasArt titles. Being the offshoot of Lucasfilm, LucasArt was the publisher behind a ton of Star Wars...


Drone Racing: Endor or Earth?

The Airgonay club has started to host drone races that evoke memories of the infamous Star Wars scenes. The drones are outfitted with cameras that link up with wearable displays for the pilots.


Star Wars Sneak Peak?

If you look closely you can see two X-Wing fighters in the docking bays and a partially-constructed Millenium Falcon underneath a blue tarp.


Apple’s Big Reveal

While Apple fanatics are going bonkers waiting for their new toys, haters (including Blackberry) are denouncing the product reveal as outdated.