Matt Padanyi


An Eastern Threat to the Iron Throne

The Witcher series draws heavily from European folklore and incorporates a number of classic monsters including werewolves, trolls, vampires, dragons and ghouls. But rather than simply depict them as voracious killers, Sapkowski often gives these beasts character, emotion and intelligence. It's one of the stark contrasts between The Witcher and Game of Thrones.


Apple’s Music App is Getting a Facelift

The standard Music app on Apple devices hasn’t evolved all that much over the years, but that’s about to change. Leaked pictures and videos of the iOS 8.4 update show the app is getting an overhaul to make the browsing experience a bit more fulfilling than simply flipping through lists. This is done mainly by turning the player itself into a small bar at the base of the screen, rather than having it as a separate screen itself. The update also rolls radio functions into the app, a...