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Microsoft’s Amy Sorokas on the pre-concert VR experience by Muse, Michael’s VR space simulation addiction, and Jerry Seinfeld’s night at a party leads to a book. We read it.

We’ve recently talked on the big show about artists like American DJ, Marshmello, hosting a live concert in the video game, Fortnite. We’ve also talked over the years about what the next big thing in music would be. And well… here we are.

English rock band, Muse, has been working with the team at Microsoft to bring an enhanced “experience” of their Simulation Theory world tour to VR.

“I leaned into VR when I started reading about simulation theory itself and what that means—about how the world we’re living in could be a simulation. We don’t know, and there is a chance. Because the mechanisms behind the universe are very mathematical. You know, the way we understand the universe is through maths, and so that could suggest an element of programming involved”, said Matt Bellamy, frontman of the band.

The band visited Microsoft HQ in 2018, to try and find a new way to make their newest album and accompanying tour the best experience for fans. The members of the band are self-professed technofiles, so this was a natural movement forward for them.

According to the Microsoft website, “Each game is soundtracked and inspired by a different music video off the album, all of which have various cyberpunk stylings that evoke ‘80s sci-fi flicks from Back to the Future to Blade Runner. In keeping with the themes of the album itself, the goal of the games is to blur the lines between reality and virtual reality for fans.”

The tour’s next date is on May 26 in Prague, and this new VR experience is available only to fans with the Enhanced Experience ticket – which runs at an average $500 upcharge on regular GA tickets.

We’re looking forward to seeing more growth in technology with music today. There’s really no stopping them now!

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