Reef Dispensaries isn’t your average weed shop

Reef Dispensaries isn't your average weed shop

Geeks and Beats host Michael Hainsworth describes Las Vegas’ Reef Dispensaries  as the Apple Store for weed. This isn’t your local weed shop.

First, let’s find out who our dealer is. Reef Dispensaries is the brainchild of Tryke Companies. They are a network of ten medical marijuana licenses for the cultivation, production and retail sale of medical cannabis in Arizona and Nevada.

Reef Dispensaries is compared to an Apple store because they are the best in cannabis customer experience. They used to go with the iPad-on-the-wooden-table approach but they found that it caused lots of laggards, laying around testing the product for way too long. They’d have line-ups out the door, thus longer waits. Enter their new format.  A streamlined approach that has a buttender at each table, which allows the staff to go through the cue much faster. Yes, buttender. Think bartender but instead of selling liquor, they’re highly knowledgeable about the green. The store also has an express window. Customers that know what they want, just need to text in their order (if you’re going, order ahead here).

The facility Hainsworth and Alan Cross toured during their visit deals out for all of Reef’s Nevada locations. But that’s just their in-house brand, Tryke. They can’t deal in Arizona because that’s illegal – for now. Mike Pizzo of Reef Dispensaries is just waiting for the day weed will be able to be shipped from state-to-state or even over the boarder. “That’s going to open up everything. There’s going to be inter-state transporting of cannabis, companies that supply several neighbouring states. But those walls need to be knocked down first”

The 165,000 square foot indoor facility is the largest of its kind. They opened Reef Dispensaries in Nevada (locations include Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Sparks and Sun Valley) and Arizona (Central Phoenix, Queen Creek). Reef confirmed last summer that it has processed just over 2.1 million orders as of August 1, 2018.

Take a look inside Reef Dispensaries below:


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