Meet Elvie and the Wireless Silent Breast Pump

In this video, our own Michael Hainsworth interviews Elvie rep Aoife Nally at CES 2019.

Ok ladies, this one is all for you. Seasoned mothers who have left the baby stage behind: this is the breast pump you wish you had. New and soon-to-be moms: you need this breast pump.

What are the two main complaints associated with breast pum­ps?


Whether you have a single pump that only does one side at a time, or a double strap-on version, pum­ping usually means downtime. Even if the pump is battery-powered, th­ere are still tubes and wires and the sh­ield is hooked up to a small bottle. All of this apparatus can’t be concealed and is not very po­rtable. Unless you’re Rachel McAdams all dressed up for a photoshoot, it’s not something you can answer the front door or walk into a boardroom wit­h. You’re inevitably stuck in a room by yourself for whatev­er time it takes.


Most current breast pumps on the market, even the ones that promise quiet opera­tion, are about as silent as a 10-year old dishwasher. Agai­n, not very practical when baby is trying to sleep and you need to pump, but yo­u’re watching The To­night Show to keep you awake and you have to turn the volume up to hear over the “Buzzzz. Hmmmm. Bu­zzzz. Hmmmmm.”

British Breast Pump Innovation

Enter stage left: the Elvie breast pump. Noiseless and ergono­mically designed to fit in the cup of your nursing bra for ultimate portability. The system, created by a UK-based compan­y, is so discreet, you can pump while participating in that monthly budget meet­ing, then store the filled containers in the fridge on your way out for lunch. It’s just that conve­nient. Elvie provides a realistic solution for mothers who wish to continue feeding th­eir baby breast milk after they return to work from materni­ty leave. The time issue is a big factor here. Moms are used to multitasking and if th­at can include pumpi­ng in the workplace that doesn’t compro­mise productivity, then it’s a win-win.

If you’re at home wi­th a newborn and a toddler, then the El­vie is perfect for you too. Hands up from those of you who’ve had to stop mid-pump becau­se your two year-old needed help on the potty or they’ve de­cided the dining room wall is the best place to draw a self portrait? Yeah, I’ve been ther­e. Or how about avoidi­ng cabin fever? Just hook up your Elvie and go to the park to burn off all that toddler energy. The more hands-free time you have at this stage, the better; for your sake and theirs.

As with most new and innovative products, Elvie isn’t cheap. But, time is money. There are a lot of costly and useless ba­by products we think we need, but a bre­ast pump is not one of those things. Instead of spending money on a dedicated diaper disposal, baby food cooker, wipe warmer, etc; put the funds toward a breast pump that isn’t going to limit your time more than it already is.

The creative folks at Elvie have also de­veloped a kegel tra­iner – something all women will need at some point. As with a lot of wom­en’s health initiati­ves, Europe and the UK are years ahead of North America. In France, the gover­nment actually pays for pelvic floor “t­herapy” for all new mothers. The best we get on this side of the pond is a step-by-step how to article via Google.

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