FoldiMate is back at CES! And it WORKS!

FoldiMate is back at CES this year — in the form of a functional prototype.

Last year at CES, the three-day free-for-all of the tech and gadget world, we were introduced to FoldiMate, an automatic laundry folding machine that did everything but fitted sheets. Because nothing’s perfect.

The original goal was to eventually fix that little design insufficiency and begin shopping the contraption in late 2019-early 2020 for a price of about $1,000 CAD.

We ran into Debbie Cohen-Abarvanel again this year on the floor of CES in Las Vegas. She was prepared.

Now the FoldiMate adapts to the item placed within its clips to fold all manner of items, including collared shirts, pants and towels, up to 25 items in five minutes.

It still, sadly, won’t fold your fitted sheets or, as Michael puts them, “ladies’ unmentionables.”

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