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Game like it’s 1964

Amidst the vast array of modern video games and video game hardware that adorns the annual CES show in Las Vegas sits one game format that has endured the test of time -The Pinball machine.

Stern Pinball, who have been making pinball machines since the 1930’s continues to release new Pinball machines every year to weary CES attendees. This year was no exception; Stern has released two new stand out machines at the 2019 CES. These new pinball machines feature LCD displays LED lights, but maintain all the nostalgic fun you would expect from a legendary manufacturer.

Beatlemaina comes to the Arcade

This year’s signature machine is a first Pinball machine to license the works of the Beatles. The Beatles full-size arcade machine features the likenesses of the Fab 4 while you play to the beat of 9 Beatles songs. Ed Sullivan tops off the game with in-game announcements. Sound and music have always been a big part of the pinball experience from the sound of the ball to the distinct sound of the ball hitting the mechanical bumpers. Music first added to machines in 1930’s around the time Stern was coming on the scene. The Beatles and pinball are one of those pairings that seem to be made to go together. The Beatles machine is in collaboration with Ka-Pow Pinball and is limited to only 1964 units spread out between 3 models.

The 9 Beatles songs included in the game are,

A Hard Day’s Night
Can’t Buy Me Love
Ticket To Ride
All My Loving
Drive My Car
It Won’t Be Long
I Should Have Known Better


Keeping with the 60’s theme another new machine for 2019 features the likeness of TV’s The Munster’s. The entire Munster family from the enduring hit TV series including Grandpa, Herman, Lilly are all present at their spooky best. Even the dragon that lived under the stairs makes an in-game appearance.

The new Munster’s pinball machine is available in 3 models; The Pro model, Premium and Limited Edition models. Prices start on the Pro model at $5999 US.

While more and more gameplay has shifted to screens of all sizes, pinball has remained a tactile classic with the sound of the flippers sending a steel ball around the course. No longer the exclusive domain of commercial establishments, more and more people are bringing the Pinball machine experience home. Given the machines large imposing size and high cost, they are not for everyone.

Stern Pinball continues to innovate and is working on connecting their pinball machines to the internet, which could take pinball machines to an entirely new level.

Other recently announced models include Deadpool, Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, Star Trek and Star Wars and many others. More details on these models and the new Beatles and Munsters machines can be found on Stern’s website.

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