BMW’s futuristic iNext drives itself at CES 2019

Topped with BMW’s classic kidney-shaped front grille, the Vision iNEXT is what BMW thinks the electric and semi-autonomous future of the car will look like. Mixed with trademark BMW sleekness, the ride carries a dose of futurism. Take the pillar-free doors or the cameras for mirrors. How about the lounge-like interior with touch-sensitive fabrics. Touch it. It sizzles. Well, no it doesn’t, but we’re able to swipe at the seat to adjust the music volume or control other aspects of the car, like the brightness of the interior lighting. 
Another eye-catching highlight is the Intelligent Beam. This is where you’re able to project an user interface – or a book or video – anywhere inside the car. That’s right, anywhere. At CES, we were shown how. Sitting beneath the device with a blank multi-page leaflet in hand, the paper comes to life as the Intelligent Beat projects an interactive magazine onto it. Now, let’s take touch on the fabric. It is able to produce an interior which is clean, simple and uncluttered.
Let’s be realistic. It is hard to say which features will be found in your local dealership. But there’s still tons to be excited about. Byton, a Chinese automobile manufacturer established in 2016,  showed us at CES this year how production cars can have out-of-this-world interiors so it’s probable that BMW – a company that has tons more car experience than start-up Byton – can make Vision iNext a reality. We’ll find out by 2021. 


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