Let’s Be Blunt: The Dos and Dont’s of Marijuana Legalization in Canada

Come October 17th, marijuana is officially legalized in Canada. Before you go smoke that doobie outside your local police station, grab the 411 on what’s really legal. Spoiler alert: there are definitely some things you should consider before sparking up just anywhere. Read on for what The Government of Canada has to say.

First Thing’s First

One of the most important things to note is that there are federal laws and there are provincial laws concerning marijuana. The federal government has outlined laws for the country.  Provincial governments have been given power to restrict those laws further.  For example, the legal age for smoking marijuana in Canada is 18 but provinces are able to raise this age.  In Ontario, the legal age is 19.  The laws outlined in this article refer to federal regulations but it’s important to check out what your province has to say.

Give and Toke

According to canada.ca, adult Canadians are legally allowed to possess 30 grams of dried marijuana or the non-dried equivalent. It must be purchased from a provincially-licensed retailer. Adults are also allowed to share that much with other adults. You can make your own edibles at home (no concentrates) but if you’re waiting to buy space cakes in store, Canada is about a year out from legalizing that.

For all of you botanists, you’ll be able to grow your own marijuana plants at home (provided the seeds are from licensed facilities). There is a maximum growth of four plants per residence.

Sky High

When it comes to travel with marijuana, some things are crystal clear and others are a bit… hazier. The Government of Canada has been very clear that crossing international borders with marijuana is illegal and can mean some serious jail time. So as far as border crossing goes, not much has changed.

Rules on cross-Canada travel however, are less clear. According to Canada.ca:

“When you are travelling within Canada it is your responsibility to learn the laws of the province or territory you are going to. If you use cannabis, purchase and consume it within the province or territory you are in. Follow the laws that are in place in that jurisdiction.”

In other words, it’s up to the individual provinces.

The Where

Now that we have the who, what, when and why, let’s talk about the where. This is largely monitored by provincial and even municipal government and varies across the country.  That being said, one cannot legally drive high or get high at work. In most cases you’ll be able to smoke in public areas like sidewalks and parks, in private residences and designated rooms in hotels. Check out your province’s legislation.

To Sum Up

The legalization of marijuana in Canada is hazy at best. To get the clearest idea of what’s legal for you to consume, check out your provincial legislation. Can you do it? Yes, you cannabis.

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