5G Wireless is Coming (for you)

A technological revolution is literally almost here and you probably didn’t even know it. Why 5G wireless is about more than just faster downloads with Intel’s head of Global Markets and Partners, Shannon Poulin.

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  • You’ve only scratched the surface on the implications of 5G and connected self driving cars…

    Start with Urban planning: remember the big deal 25 years ago when parking spaces in condo’s became add-ons and everyone lost their minds? Now that’s the norm, now add self driving cars that might make garages and driveways for homes optional too? What is the square footage of garages and driveways that are only used a tiny %age of their time now? If you order can order your car for pickup and drop offs why have them at all? Imagine the population densities possible in new subdivisions when you take away 500 square feet of garage/driveway PER HOUSE?? How much cheaper can you build homes if that is out of the equation?

    Road construction: We have massive gridlock not only because we have too many cars, but because the few seconds every human driver needs to decide their next action. That is milliseconds for a self driving car. Multiple that time saving by 100K cars an hour? Example: Look at an advanced green to turn left, the first guy goes, then the second, then the third, maybe the forth makes it. Self driving cars would all know to move at the same time and they might 10 cars turned in the same time.

    Everyone has seen the “accordion” effect of small slowdown on the 400 series highways as everyone speeds up and slows down for traffic, self driving cars would diminish that dramatically, plus eliminate “rubbernecking” and distracted driving. That would mean faster commute times and far safer roads.

    Working from Home: how many millions of people leave their home now with high speed, telephone access and a home network files and drive to an office with…you guessed it, high speed, telephone access and networked files. 5G could potentially make millions of more jobs remote ones. This means thousands of drives to/from work on crowded roads disappear, but also lower carbon consumption less pollution and could save billions on infrastructure spending since there is less wear and tear.

    Public Transit: It costs BILLIONS to build and maintain public transit, now imagine the TTC subway and bus network with thousands less users everyday since they can order self driving cars or work from home with 5G enabled devices? Plus, those fewer cars on the roads means far faster bus routes, which would get even more people out of their car, even if they can’t work from home.

    Automotive Sector: Look at the enormous acreage required for new and used car dealerships, would we need that many, or even any? What about all the pollution and waste generated by thousands of gas stations, oil change, auto body repair, tire shops, fuel delivery trucks and automotive salvage sites? It wouldn’t disappear, but there is a reason why GM has invested billions in LYFT. Car ownership, and the massive costs as we know it will change dramatically.

    Sure, having an HD movie on my phone in 3 seconds may be cool, but this has the real ability to completely disrupt our entire car based economy.