AI Songwriting App Now Available to the Masses

Source: Rock Paper Scissors press release for AC

Your Portable “Songwriting Assistant”

AI-powered songwriting app Amadeus Code is now open to all users following the early access launch.  We first told you about this new technology back in March.  Click here to read the original article explaining the theory behind the app.

Amadeus Code, which is still only available for iOS, includes a new feature that will give users more personalized inspiration.

Source: Rock Paper Scissors press release for AC

New Direct Link to Spotify

For the public release of the app, Amadeus Code developers added a new component called Harmony Library.  Through Harmony Library, users can access Spotify directly from the app.  Now, in addition to Amadeus Code’s original melody generator, composers can search up their favourite songs on Spotify.  Once the user selects the song(s) he or she wants to use, Amadeus Code will take the tune(s) and create a new melody on top of the original.  The output will be far from a copy because the app is able to break down the song into “granular” parts.

Will Music Become Robotic?

Artificial Intelligence is used for everything these days and music is no exception.  When we hear “artificial” in the same sentence as music, the perception is that the human creativity is missing.  Amadeus Code developers maintain that the app is a starting point for songwriting inspiration.

“Amadeus Code, unlike existing music AI on the market today, is not intended to create finished works to put against a home video. We hope that users will complete the work started by Amadeus Code by telling their own unique stories, which will continue to be what makes music truly irreplaceable by artificial intelligence.”

-Taishi Fukuyama, Co-Founder, Amadeus Code


Source: Rock Paper Scissors press release for AC



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