E-Publishing: No Longer a Niche

According to Wikipedia: “Electronic publishing (also referred to as e-publishing or digital publishing or online publishing) includes the digital publication of e-books, digital magazines, and the development of digital libraries and catalogues. It also includes an editorial aspect, that consists of editing books, journals or magazines that are mostly destined to be read on a screen (computer, e-reader, tablet, smartphone).”

We had the opportunity recently to speak with Marisa Chenery, an e-book author and e-publisher, via email about her experiences.

Why are fiction writers turning to e-publishing their books rather than going through a traditional publisher?

It is much easier to be published through an e-publisher than one of the big five publishing houses. E-publishers are usually smaller and more willing to take a chance on an author who has never been published before. The traditional publishers require an author to be represented by an agent, and It’s just as hard to get an agent as it is to get published that route. Self-publishing is becoming more prevalent than it was 10 years ago when I was first published.

Why did you choose to change from the traditional printed book to electronic books?

I tried for over 10 years to get published traditionally and got nowhere. In 2007 I found an e-publisher and received my first contract. Back then, there wasn’t Amazon Kindle. Publishers mostly sold books through their websites and smaller e-book stores online.

Does self publishing more control over their work or better financially to have that control?

Self-publishing gives you total control of your book, cover, and you get 100% of the royalties.  A lot of e-published authors are switching to self-publishing for those reasons and because a lot of smaller e-publishing houses are closing. More than a few have stolen from authors as well. For example when she was involved with Ellora’s Cave Publishing, who was the number one erotic romance e-publisher at one time. Before they closed, they kept a lot of authors’ royalties. Mine included. Things like that have made authors gun shy of smaller publishing houses.

Perhaps it’s because a one can reach a broader audience?

E-books do help with that. E-books can be released faster and some authors release one book a month. It keeps their name out there and readers remember them. With an influx of books in the market it’s easy to get overlooked.

What genres of books seem to be more popular?

I think romance is the most popular genre. It always seems to do well.

What was the process of getting your books offered in Kindle format?

In the beginning, it was through e-publishing houses. Now, I self-publish my own books and I can do that directly through Amazon.

Marisa Chenery writes Young Adult SF and Zombie Series, Werewolf/Vampire/Shapeshifter and Paranormal Romance series, Erotic, Fantasy & Historical Romance. She currently only has two SF books. Most of her e-books are on Amazon Kindle devices, Kindle App, some are also available on Barnes and Noble’s Nook device and Nook App, Kobo devices and App and on iTunes.

To find out more about Marisa and her books check out her website.

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