Captain Picard to the Bridge!

A View From the Bridge: our semi-regular feature we affectionately call “A View from the Bridge.” Here we take a look at the news and happenings in the Star Trek universe.

There is a lot going with Star Trek, so let’s get right into it!

The Return of Captain Picard.

Following up on the rumoured return of Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard, this has now been moved from the rumour catagroy to CONFIRMED. The stunning development was confirmed by none other then Patrick Stewart, himself, this past Saturday at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention. Patrick Stewart was introduced to the cheering fans in attendance by Star Trek Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman.  In an emotional address, Patrick Stewart announced Jean-Luc Picard is back.

Litte detail is known on where this new Captain Picard-centred show will fit in on the timeline or other Star Trek projects currently in the works. It is clear, however, that Captain Picard’s return will not be part of Star Trek: Discovery.

See the full convention speach here:


Star Trek goes R-rated under the direction of Quentin Tarantino.

Fans waiting for Quentin Tarantino’s gritier R-rated Star Trek will need to be paitent. According to Star Trek actor/writer, Simon Pegg this project is still five or six years away. At that point, Simon Pegg feels the still new Star Trek cast will be too old to return.

Still… if Patrick Stewart can return, anything is possible in Star Trek.

William Shatner in upcoming Halloween Sequel?

Jamie Lee Curtis has already been confirmed to return in the next Halloween feature due out in October. Now Halloween producer Malek Akkad wants to add William Shatner to picture in a cameo.

It’s one of the worst kept secrets of the Halloween horror franchise that William Shatner’s face is the face of of Michael Myers.  Going back to the begining when John Carpenter was trying to get his budget horror movie he used a Captain Kirk halloween mask for his villian. After a few subtle alterations, the Captian Kirk mask became the face of Michael Myers forerver linking William Shatner to the horror franchise.

It would be one of the greatest in jokes in movie history having Shatner come face-to-face with his Kirk/Myers hybrid offspring in the upcoming film.

Check out the full history on the mask here:

Check out this hilarious story from Shatner himself going out wearing a mask of his own face.

Mr. Shatner may I have your autograph?

Not so fast.

William Shatner, a regular at conventions for decades, has come out and clarified his postion on signing autographs in public.

After a Twitter feud with fans on the subject, he sat down and articulated his feelings in his first ever blog post. It is an interesting read and a rare candid glimpse into the world of celebrities constantly being recognized in public. Read his Twitter feud here. Click here for Shatner’s blog post on the topic here.

Fans can catch William Shatner once again at this year’s FanExpo in Toronto where he will be signing autographs.


Hmm, that was funny. This post started out being about Patrick Stewart and ending up regressing to William Shatner weird.

Are you excited about the return of Captain Picard? Have you meet William Shatner? Tell us in the comments below.

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