Frenglish Folk-Rock Phenom at NLFB

Lisa Leblanc

Frenglish Folk-Rock Phenom at NLFB’s 47th year

Lisa Leblanc took to the Northern Lights Festival Boreal stage, introducing her set as a “Frenglish” performance. She didn’t let the audience down. Her set featured a variety of French and English songs. Like many artists, her live show proved to be better than her album.

The audience roared when Leblanc spoke to the audience in French. The city of Sudbury’s booming multicultural community crowded the stage and cheered on her electric performance. Leblanc glided from one guitar to another, and banjo to mic. She captivated the audience – whipping her hair around, and guitar shredding accompanied by her thunderous voice.

Leblanc’s not only emerging on a stellar career based on her sweet album and powerhouse live performance, but her ability to cross over into both the French and English markets continues to propel her through the North American music scene.

Leblanc hails from New Brunswick, and hit up Sudbury’s NLFB on Friday July 6th, followed by another headline performance at Orillia’s Mariposa Festival the following day.

I leave you with my favourite performance from her self-titled album Lisa Leblanc, “Ace of Spades”.

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