A radio show featuring only female artists

Tennessee-based radio host, Bobby Bones is preparing to launch a new radio show that will feature ONLY female artists. The news made headlines by various social media accounts earlier this week.

Oddly enough, it was noted that the Country music scene is where the decline of solely female songs had dipped. Back in 2017, Bones started the trend #FemaleFriday where he would play female superstars on his radio show all day.

There have been several radio stations that partake in an all-female roster of songs on International Women’s Day (March 8th). But this radio show will do what so many have wanted. So far, 100 stations across the US have signed on.

Bones obviously had great feedback from his “Female Friday” spins, and will now allow us to experience the “Lilith Fair” of radio. Sounds like the show has yet to be named.

Will you be tuning in? For more info and details of his show, click here.

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