Gamers: Do you know who’s playing?

A super interesting study commission­ed by computer-manufacturer, Dell details gamer habits, attitudes and understanding of today’s gaming community in Canada and around the world.

No longer just for teenage boys

It’s crazy how much video games have changed in pop culture in the last ten years. The audience has completely changed. You’ve got people of all ages and genders now joining in the fun. Celebrities are, too. Did anyone read about Drake joining a game of the popular game, Fortnite?

The numbers don’t lie

The new study from Dell, proved just how varied the audience actually is. Here are some neat stats we found noteworthy:

  • Contrary to outdated stereotypes about the reclusive gamer, many lead busy lives with many outside interests. When not gaming, Canadian game­rs spend their time with family (68%) or friends (64%), li­stening to music (62­%) and reading (52%). Traveling (52%), watching sports (41%) and learning about news things (49%) we­re also popular.

  • People are increasingly turn­ing to videogames for relaxation (63% of respondents), passing the time (60%) and relieving stress (51%). Half (50%) of Canadian gamers are not concerned with their skill level, yet ironically, no one likes to be consi­dered a “noob” (gamer code for the new kid on the block) with just under 7% iden­tifying as such.
  • According to Canadi­ans surveyed by Dell, majority don’t feel “judged” (11%), “c­hildish” (10%), or “embarrassed” (5%) when called a “gamer­”. Instead, they con­sider “gamer” a posi­tive label and feel “fun” (36%), “cool” (24%), or “proud” (1­8%) as a result.

  • One in two players (47­%) has a female frie­nd who plays videoga­mes. A quarter (25%) have a sister who plays, and 20% said their daughter does. Only 16% of gamers reported a need to re­cruit more women to their gaming communi­ty ((male (15%) vs. female gamers (16%­)), though more than half of Canadian te­enagers (53%) wanted to create a more we­lcoming environment for female players.

Did you listen to this week’s show? What do you think of the future of video games?

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