A View From The Bridge: Captain On the Bridge!

It’s been a while since our last semi-regular feature we affectionately call “A View from the Bridge.” Here, we take a look at the news and happenings in the Star Trek universe.

Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery completed its first season on February 11th with the episode “Will You Take My Hand”. The episode ended with a tease to the original Star Trek series with a distress call from the USS Enterprise. Star Trek: Discovery is set roughly 10 years before the events of the original series so the commander of the Enterprise, at that time, features Captain Christopher Pike.

Season 2 has already begun production in Toronto, however, fans still have many months to wait until its release likely sometime in the fall of 2018. Jonathan Frakes, better known as Commander Will Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation has already directed one Discovery episode and will also return to direct at least one more episode in season 2. When talking about his season 2 episode, he let it slip that we could expect the return of not only Captain Christopher Pike but also a younger Spock. Not sure we can wait until fall to learn more… I can’t, at least.

Observant Classic have noticed several subtle changes to our beloved Enterprise as seen on Discovery. Detailed comparisons can be found here.

One of the standout rumors about these changes is why? Why change a classic at all? For several weeks, the internet was abuzz that the reason for the changes was largely legal. The owners of the Star Trek franchise changed hands a few years back leaving the movie rights to be held by Paramount Pictures, while the TV rights resided with CBS Television. Long-time Star Trek designer John Eaves hinted on Facebook that the design choices were driven by the legal department – he has since deleted that post.

John Eaves is now clarifying his statement that the changes were made for creative reasons. In part, to put the classic Enterprise design into Discovery’s aesthetics.

According to CBS: “CBS TV Studios does, in fact, have the right to use the U.S.S. Enterprise ship design from the past TV series, and are not legally required to make changes. The changes in the ship design were creative ones, made to utilize 2018’s VFX technology.”

Well, it was a interesting rumour.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

One of the best things about the classic Star Trek: The Motion Picture was the music.

Jerry Goldsmith’s iconic soundtrack for Star Trek: The Motion Picture was originally offered on vinyl in 1979 to support the film’s release.  The original release while capturing many of the key musical cues has never been released in its entirety until now.

Many Star Trek fans who did not grow up on the original series will better remember Jerry Goldsmith’s original theme as it was used as the theme to Star Trek The Next Generation.

Now music and Star Trek fans can now enjoy the complete 84-minute recording of Jerry Goldsmith’s 98 piece orchestra masterpiece. Released by La La Records the new blue vinyl release comes complete with a booklet featuring production photos and annotation.

The 2 record set is priced at a reasonable $34.98 and can be ordered directly from La La Records here.

Read our previous article on Star Trek: The Motion Picture here.

Captain On The Bridge!

Related image

As we have previously written super-fan James Cawley has recreated all of the standing sets of the original Star Trek series. Standing sets are sets built for regular use on a TV series. In Seinfeld, the Monk’s Diner or Jerry’s apartment are examples of standing sets.

The Bridge Complete

James Cawley has already been successful in bringing back many of the surviving Star Trek cast this his Ticonderoga, New York hideaway. Such guests have included George Takei, Walter Koenig, and Nichelle Nichols. Some of these alumni have even been featured in Cawley’s fan film episodes of Star Trek: New Voyages.

On Friday, May 4 (wait… isn’t that a Star Wars date?) and Saturday, May 5, the Captain himself will once again grace the sets and the iconic ship.

They appropriately named the event Captain On The Bridge – The William Shatner Weekend. William Shatner will be able to revisit these sets for the first time in over 50 years.

Few tickets remain for this once in a lifetime event. The most notable being a 45-minute Q&A with Mr. Shatner on the bridge – limited to only 25 people.  I don’t need to pay rent this month…

Full details of this event can be found here. Read my review of the attraction here.

Star Trek Set Tour Corridor 2

What recent Star Trek story caught your attention so far this year? Tell us below.

What do you think about the “creative” design changes to our beloved Enterprise?

Geeks & Beats will continue to feature more updates on things Star Trek. Until then, “Live Long and Prosper.”

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