Rapper Craig Mack dead at 46

Rapper Craig Mack dies at 46

Died of heart failure

According to reports, Mack died of heart failure at a hospital near his home in Walterboro, South Carolina on Monday.

It was 1995, and I still hadn’t bought Craig Mack’s Project Funk da World. The album was nearly a year old. During a downtown shopping spree we hit Eaton Centre. The first place we went was HMV. I asked a guy that worked there if they had Craig Mack’s album. Nope. They didn’t. Same at Sam’s. And Towers. Everywhere was out of one of the hottest hip hop albums to hit in the past year (and that was 1994, that’s saying a lot)

Since we were heading back to Eaton Centre to catch the subway and head home, I decided to pop back in to HMV to check what else they had. Didn’t want to go home empty-handed. The sales guy remembered me from earlier on in the afternoon, and had a tape in his hand. “Hey. We DO have this. Want this?” He was holding the cassette single to Boys II Men’s remix of “Vibin’.” It featured Trench, Busta Rhymes, Method Man, and Craig Mack. “Sure!” as I took my second prize gleefully, still wanting the first place trophy. I was a fan of Boys II Men. I was a fan of Method Man. And Busta. I also really enjoyed the original “Vibin‘” track. Not bad, I guess. The track was a banger, and Craig had a dope verse. I would later get a copy of Craig’s album from a friend.

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