High Among the Stars

One of my favourite “scenes” to come out of Twitter is a variety of character accounts. Most of these are satire, some are poignant, and nearly all of them are a form of role-playing.

Without a doubt, one of the masters of this form is Joe Sondow. He has several accounts, the most popular of which are ostensibly maintained by various characters on Star Trek: TNG.

If I had to pick a personal favourite, it would be “Riker Googling”. As the name suggests, the feed contains various search terms that Riker might enter into a 24th century equivalent to Google. Sometimes it’s (mostly) within the canon of the series.

Other times it’s as if he’s following our Twitter timelines on a 350-year delay.

And sometimes there are short threads of related tweets, usually with a running joke that’s apparent right away. Recently, however, Sondow pulled off a slow-burn joke that I didn’t see coming at all. It started out innocuous, if a little odd.

Mostly it just made me giggle, because skunks are cute as heck. About an hour later, it became clearer what was going on.

Okay, so someone on the Enterprise smuggled some weed on board, or they’re experimenting with replicator patterns. And apparently, not only did Riker find the source of the smell, he decided to partake, judging by what followed a few hours later.

A brief break (probably to get snacks), and then another trio of tweets, before he crashed for the night.

Bravo, Mr Sondow, we’ll be watching to see if there’s a follow-up on 4/20.

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