Sublue – The World’s Smallest Underwater Scooter

Did you get a chance to check out Sublue at this year’s CES show?

If your prowess in the pool is more doggy paddle than Michael Phelps, fear not because Sublue’s Shark MIX is here.

The Shark MIX’s sleek design, combined with a dual propeller system will set out to rival current market offerings like the SEADOO SEASCOOTER.  SEADOO has been around for a while, but even new models are still quite bulky; designed with the propeller at the rear of the unit and thus in front of the operator.  On Sublue’s Shark MIX, the propellers sit to the right and left of the operator creating an unobstructed view of what lies ahead – especially useful if you attach a GoPro camera.

The website shows pictures indicating that the device can be used by both adults and children who have at least basic swimming know-how.  This is where the dual propeller design provides an additional advantage: stability.  Users with moderate swimming skills will feel balanced as they zip through the water “like a champion” as stated on Sublue’s website.  The Shark MIX has zero buoyancy, so you won’t have to go diving to the deep end of you pool (or bottom of the lake) to retrieve it if you let go while using it.

While other products on the market may seem gimmicky or lacking in design, Sublue’s Shark MIX has been produced by a team with over 10 years of experience in developing underwater robotics.  The Shark Max and Shark Mini comprise Sublue’s line of underwater drones.

So, next time you’re watching the Olympics and wishing you can swim as fast and seemingly effortless as Michael Phelps, now you can!


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