PicoStill aims to be distiller for spirits, weed at #CES2018

Looking to make your own craft beers or spirits – easily – from home?

We had the opportunity to see the PicoStill in action at CES’ Unveiled event.

Check out our interview here:

The PicoStill is a product made by PicoBrew that allows you to make your own oils, craft beers or craft spirits. Where can I sign up?!

Accepting pre-orders now, the PicoStill comes in at just $249 USD… for now. When the product hits the market – mentioned in the clip above – it’ll sit somewhere around the $350 USD mark.

Now this isn’t the whole kit and caboodle, this is simply a distilling attachment that is meant to fit over your existing Pico C Keg, which runs you about $549. They do, however, have a package price which is currently set at $679 USD while they’re still accepting pre-orders.

How does it work?

By adding your ingredients (herbs, hops, cannabis, etc.) into the chamber, it steams the ingredients, pushes the steam through a copper pipe, and then through a copper coil and into your collection jar.

It’s a bit pricey, sure… but maybe it’ll save you many a trip to the LCBO. Would you buy one? (Check your local bylaws for distilling first, please.)


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