Contracts for Consensual Sex? There’s an App for That

Contracts for Consensual Sex? There’s an App for That

An app that creates legally binding contracts could be the future of consensual sex.

Legal Fling is for when they say yes

The date goes well. You take them back to your place for Netflix or a nightcap. Then, well you know…

But you just want to be sure that you have their consent in doing the late night tango.

Enter LegalFling. The new app for when they answer yes.

Created by the Dutch company, LegalThings, the app  “allows you to request consent from any of your contacts” because “sex should be fun and safe.” Signing contracts is always fun.

The app sends a request to your partner to get their OK on doing the dirty. It will also send along your “sexual preferences, including your do’s and don’ts.” These include options such as approval for photos and videos to be made, condom use, STD-free guarantee, explicit language use, and BDSM.

LegalThings says that LegalFling was created to ensure that explicit sexual content is granted before getting naked. And it isn’t just for one night stands – the website says that the app is meant to protect all types of sexual relationships, even long-term ones. Yikes.


Using blockchain technology

Now just in case a breach occurs, the app claims that users simply click a button that will trigger  “cease and desist letters and enforcing penalty payments,” as well as make it easier to bring the issue to court.


LegalFling is created using blockchain technology. In English? Sure. Blockchain is what brings us Bitcoin. It means that transactions are stored and timestamped in the blockchain. However, according to the website, users don’t have to worry about privacy breaches as all things are encrypted within the app.

LegalFling still has to receive the go-ahead from Google and Apple before it can be downloaded.  And get all that pesky legal work out of the way. 



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