3 Products that’ll Smarten up your Bathroom

3 Products that’ll Smarten up your Bathroom

Snow White has her talking mirror. Along with a talking toilet and talking bathtub.  Kohler announced a number of smart bathroom products as CES 2018. The future is now, folks, and it starts on with these three products that’ll smarten up your bathroom.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Vendera Voice Lighted Mirror is the first mirror that’s Amazon Alexa-enabled. The company says the mirror is surrounded by “highly-efficient LED lights” that can be turned on and off, brightened and dimmed, or switch to and from the brighter “makeup mode.” All with your voice.

The magical mirror is also equipped with a night light that will turn on when it senses you stumbling into the can at night. It’s available in three sizes: 24″, 34″ or 40″.

Snow White will be delighted.

Have an experience while showering

Kohler’s DTV+ smart showering system wants to turn your shower into an experience. DTV+ dropped in 2015, but now can be integrated with Kohler Konnect.

With your voice, you can use DTV+ to adjust your water temperature, change shower head pressure, play music, adjust the lighting and turn the shower on and off.

The toilet every man needs

Say hello to Numi, the man’s new best friend. Kohler’s Numi is the smart toilet equipped with coloured lighting, music modes, a heated seat and a foot warmer. Yes, even a foot warmer.

Control each of these settings to your liking through Kohler Konnect, voice command or motion. Pure Warmth toilet seat will heat your behind as you do your thing. And with the company’s Touchless Flush, it will do the favours for you via a motion sensor and let’s be honest – it’s a disgusting handle.

Numi will be your best friend for around $6,300 USD.

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