Seasonal Tastes: How Listening Habits Change with the Seasons

Seasonal Tastes: How Listening Habits Change with the Seasons

Seasonal listening habits

With the weather changing into a crisp chill, our musical tastes change as well. Or at least that’s what we gathered around the Geeks & Beats newsroom this week. In an unofficial, non-scientific study the Geeks found that the music we listen to throughout the year differs on what season it is.

Actually, Spotify did a study on this in 2016.

Summer reading, anyone?

They analyzed the stream counts and genres of the 100,000 most popular artists. The study that spanned over two years used global, anonymous, aggregated listening data.

Their findings?

In the fall, people really dig traditional, orchestral, acoustic music. The winter brought spoken word recordings, mellower sub genres and lots of listening, for whatever reason, to music associated with countries. Spring sees sunny, upbeat genres like happy hardcore.  In the summer months, audiobooks and beach-oriented genres like deep tropical house and Beach Boys.

The Geeks’ Tastes

We went around the newsroom – part of that unofficial, nonscientific study we did – and gathered the listening habits from all. We definitely have our own musical preferences. Here are the fall/winter picks from some of the crew.

White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes (Peter Christensen)

The Noose – A Perfect Circle (Amber Healy)

 Political – Spirit of the West (Jay Moon)

 Cosmic Love – Florence and the Machine (Christa Sampson)

Memories Live – Reflection Eternal (Shane Alexander)

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