Don’t Stop Believin’


Everybody’s sung along with┬áSteve Perry to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’. Probably even The Pope. You can’t go to a Karaoke bar, turn on a TV, or, as Michael found out, do a home renovation without someone belting out the track. But why?
We turn to Alanis Morrisette producer Brent Bodrug to find out what it is about the structure of the composition, the nature of the lyrics, and the unusual choice in instruments that vaulted it into western culture …and he tells us what it is about the music industry that wouldn’t let the song out of the studio if it was recorded today.
The track came out in 1981, and there was a lot happening. We’ll look at what was going on in the minds of the The Kids of 80s who still have the urge today to turn a hairbrush into a microphone one… more… time.
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