A Property With “Free Fallin” Views

Learning to Live Like a Rock Star

When you envision the home of a rock star, what comes to mind?  I suppose that depends on the rock star.  Tastes in home décor are as diverse as tastes in music.  However, if you look at the listing for the late Tom Petty’s Lake Sherwood, CA property, then think about his music and public image, you’d probably think “yeah, that fits”. The music of Tom Petty is not at all fussy; it is pure, honest rock ‘n roll and his vacation property exemplifies this musical aesthetic: well-appointed without being flashy.

Rustic and Unpretentious

Petty’s home, or rather villa, as described in the spec sheet has an old world Tuscan vibe and views for days.  Situated on Lake Sherwood with a private dock and mountains in the background, the property is also only nine miles from the ocean, thus benefiting from coastal breezes to boot.  However, while the style of the home would suit most buyers, the asking price is way beyond what the average person can afford.

Hot Property and an Even Hotter Price Tag

“Free Fallin'” singer Tom Petty’s lakeside retreat was actually on the market well before his untimely death on October 2, 2017, but interest in the property has no doubt peaked since his passing.  Originally listed in March 2017 for just under $6.2 million, the asking price was reduced two months later to a cool $5,895,000, proving that even rock stars aren’t immune to a housing market shift.  The home was featured as LA Times’ Home of the Week in May.  Maybe the video would have generated more interest in the property if the background music was one of Petty’s songs instead of techno beats.  “It’s Good To Be King” perhaps?



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