‘Don’t Stop’ won’t stop, apparently

When “Don’t Stop Believing” was featured in the final episode of The Sopranos, people took notice.

It was the hard cut to black that baffled the world.

What the hell just happened? Did the cable go out? Was there a selective power failure? You call that a final scene?! Oh, the outrage.

And here were are, 10 years later, still talking about it.

That wasn’t the only time the ubiquitous Journey song has been used in public, of course. Far from it.

Every wedding DJ knows that’s a go-to song at receptions, either to perk up a quiet dance floor or to keep the energy high as the bridal party hits the bar and grandma and grandpa want to boogie like the old days.

But just how often does the song appear in movies and TV shows? Here’s a sampling:

Here’s Chris Evans singing it as a bike messenger in “The Losers”:

.. here’s Christina Ricci and Charlize Theron roller skating to it, ’80s style, in “Monster”:


…and in “The Comebacks”….

…”The Wedding Singer,” because you KNOW Adam Sandler’s gotta be a fan….

…and he used it again in “Bedtime Stories”…


… “Rock of Ages”….

TV plays into this fandom too. Here’s the song on “Glee” :


And again on “Glee,” because why not, right?

Even Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang got into the act, thanks to some video editing magic:

Here it is on “Family Guy” (which must mean the Simpsons did this some time in the early ’90s)…

Hey, remember “Scrubs”? Yeah, them too..

A work of art, this one…

According to the good people at Songfacts, the song has been used in “South Park,” “Shrek the Halls,” “Yes Dear,” “King of the Hill,” “View from the Top,” “Cold Case,” “CSI,” “My Name is Earl,” “Just Shoot Me” and “Laguna Beach.”

And here’s something that doesn’t suck — an American Sign Language version of the song. No cheese here at all, just bringing music to people in a way they can enjoy and participate.



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