The People Have Spoken: Robot Sex is Coming, and We’re Cool With That

Are human sexual relations with robots heading our way? A recent study by YouGov is showing Americans think our future selves will be ready, willing and able to ‘do the robot‘. If you know what I mean.

‘Shagging Robots’ isn’t just a cool band name

It may seem that the potential of feeling the mechanical embrace of a robotic sex partner might only be a topic of discussion for science fiction writers and internet miscreants. However, of the 1,146 U.S. adults partaking in the study, 49% of them think sex with robots will be commonplace by 2050. Of the men, 24%  said they would do the nasty with a ‘bot. Women? That number plummets to 9%. What is unknown is whether any of the population questioned have experience with today’s proliferation of sex dolls. Singing heads controlled with your smartphone are the next wave of robot lovin’, just so you know.

Looks go a long way

YouGov found that the appearance of the robot would be a major influencer in deciding whether human-on-robot sexual interaction even occurs. Of those who would have sex with a Data-esque machine, 52% say that looks are, in fact, everything. The innards can be whatever technological stew is required to make such a machine work, as long as the finished product is a stunner.

But is robot sex actually sex?

Is an intimate relationship with Mister or Missus Roboto, however far into the future it might be, sex? Only 14% of those questioned felt sexual interaction with a robot could be considered intercourse as we define it today. Where things get complicated is when you start to factor in relationship status. A partner getting caught sticking something into a robotic best buddy would still be classified as cheating for 36% of women. On the male side, that number drops to 29%.

One third of those asked said relations with a robot is more in the realm of masturbation, not intercourse. Whether the sexually active folk of the future will be masters of their domain is uncertain. Perhaps new categories will need creating to classify what some think awaits on mankind’s sexual horizons. Replicanting? Getting cloned (nudge nudge, wink wink)? Regardless, here’s hoping robots are at least programmed to snuggle afterwards.


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