We got to play with Google’s New Pixelbook

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It’s been exactly one week since I got the new Pixelbook delivered to my home office to test. Overall, I absolutely love this thing. But there are definitely a few things I would change. Allow me to share my thoughts. And because we love lists, let’s do just that!

My 10 Thoughts About Google’s New Pixelbook

  1. First impression: beautiful packaging. They took a page out of Apple’s book. White, clean packaging. Absolutely stunning. It makes you even more excited to open it all up.
  2. The weight of this laptop is approximately 1 kg. It’s so light that I almost accidentally threw it behind me when picking it up haha.
  3. 360 degree rotation screen is super cool. They advertise the four modes – laptop mode, tablet mode, tent mode and viewing mode.
  4. The touchscreen is super helpful. It’s a problem that I didn’t know I had before. But zooming in to anything is super easy now.
  5. The specs are great. The one I got (mid-level model) has 256 GB solid state drive, 7th Gen Intel Core Processor, and 8 GB RAM. That may seem small, but everything is cloud-based, so not much is actually saved onto the drive (I’ll touch on that shortly.)
  6. The battery life is amazing. I get a full 10 hours’ use of this laptop. I’d like to admit I don’t sit in front of my laptop for that long, but I’d be lying if I did…
  7. I mentioned everything is cloud-based. This took some getting used to as I’ve been primarily a Windows user for my adult life. But, as soon as I transferred all my files to Google Drive, it was easy. And now, I can access everything from virtually anywhere.
  8. Google Assistant is built-in to this laptop for the first time, ever. With the push a button on the keyboard, my Google Assistant opens up so I can ask it whatever I need. And better yet, I can type my question instead of saying it loud. That helps when I’m sitting in a busy coffee shop.
  9. With my delivery, I also got a Pixelbook Pen to test out (their version of a stylus). It’s sold separately from the Pixelbook. It’s super neat – virtually NO latency and it feels like a real pen in my hand. By highlighting or circling something you’re looking at online, it will search it for you. Lots of cool features in a simple pen. The problem here is that I’m not sure I’d buy this on my own, had it not been provided. I just don’t know how much use I really have.
  10. It’s syncs with my Google Pixel 2 seamlessly. This laptop uses SmartLock technology – what that means is that it recognizes my phone nearby. When the Pixelbook is locked, all I need to do is bring my phone nearby, and it’ll automatically unlock. It also has instant tethering with the Pixel 2. If I’m not in range of wifi, it’ll connect to my phone without having to set up a hotspot.

So, would I get one?

The short answer is yes. It’s super smooth, intuitive, portable, bright and beautiful. I really like this a lot and would definitely buy one.

The price point is high though, which may deter some purchasers. The base model starts at $1299 CAD, and can go up to over $2000 when you start to factor in expanded memory, larger RAM and add a Pixelbook Pen. But then again, many people buy Macbooks at their similar price point without a problem.

If you’re interested…

Go check out the Google Store, you can purchase now. Most models will be shipping out November 5th, 2017.

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