Google’s Pixel Buds Can Translate 40 Languages

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Google announced the new line of products October 4th. The buds can work with Google’s new Pixel 2 handset. The voice-activated product is powered by artificial intelligence.

To translate – say you were in Spain and needed to order a drink. You’d hold down on your right earbud and say help me speak Spanish.

It took a while to perfect the technology and Google has been swapping its old translation math for something called neural machine translation. This is where you can translate sentences instead of slicing up the text and trying to match words or phrases to a big dictionary.

Google Translate’s improving

“With this update, Google Translate is improving more in a single leap than we’ve seen in the last 10 years combined,” Google Translate product lead Barak Turovsky wrote last November.

What’s the difference? See below.

All in all, when in Spain, the new buds are good enough to order a drink or ask for directions.



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