iPhone XL

The iPhone X is here — and you’ve come a long way, baby. We’ll speak to the senior editor of Motherboard Brian Merchant about his decade long trip through the history of the world’s most ubiquitous smartphone. We’ll also learn a few dirty little secrets about the company Android users love to hate. And we’ll snub our noses at Apple’s unreleased HomePod by giving away a Roku Premiere+ media streamer. And it’s way cheaper than anything Apple or Android have to offer…

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  • You guys are completely wrong about the Rokr! Judge it by 2005 standards, not 2017 and it was a great bit of technology, for 2005. It held 100 songs, six plus hours of music, had an all day battery with use and it could last three or four days on standby.

    Never forget how little space the first 8 GB iPhone actually gave you to use, and its battery was only one day at best.

    Motorola didn’t win the war with the Rokr, but lots of crappy phones have come and gone since that weren’t anywhere near as innovative or functional.