Justin Timberlake Unveiled as the Secret Pop Star on New Foo Fighters Album

For months, Dave Grohl has been teasing fans about a pop superstar being featured on the upcoming Foo Fighters album Concrete and Gold.  He wouldn’t say who it was, however. Finally, fans have been appeased. Grohl has revealed Justin Timberlake did some backing vocals on one of the band’s heaviest tracks.

How it happened

Timberlake has apparently been spending a lot of time with the band outside of the studio, drinking whisky and becoming really good friends with the band in L.A. Therefore, when Timberlake proposed singing on the new album, Grohl jumped on the chance.

The Outcome

Don’t go crazy, though – there’s no pop meets rock supergroup collaboration here. A few “la la las” are all Timberlake laid down. Let it be noted though, Grohl has high hopes for the guy.  Previously, Grohl had said fans probably wouldn’t figure out who it was on their own so kudos to him for revealing the “dirty little secret”.

What the Future Holds

What does this mean for the budding new bromance? No one knows. If you’re hoping for Grohl on JT’s new album, let’s just hope that “what goes around comes back around”.

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