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While interviewing Brian Byrne for Musiconomi, we had the chance to chat about music.  He introduced me to two new artists, and reminded me of another band’s new album.  Enter my East Coast Musicians collection!

Quake Matthews

Quake won Rap/Hip Hop Recording of the Year at the 2015 East Coast Music Awards (ECMAs), has toured across the country, and recently released his 5th album titled Celebrate the StruggleMuch of his album and promotional ideas are focused on the red balloon emoiji. I asked him if the recent promotion of the movie IT was affecting his album’s promotion as they both use balloons, and thankfully it’s not!

I learned that the Prime Minister was a fan of Quake, and I had to hear more about this! This summer Justin Trudeau released his summer Spotify list. A friend of Quake’s informed him that he was on the PM’s list. Quake was then able to connect with the PM when he was in Halifax for Pride!

Here’s the link to the famous Spotify song that the Prime Minister loves. In addition to Justin Trudeau being a fan, so am I!


Alert the Medic

I had the pleasure of meeting the East Coast boys of Alert the Medic a few years ago at a festival. I was quickly captivated by their live performance, but equally impressed with the tunes I purchased off iTunes. They recently dropped their album Let Them Have Their Fun, to which the band decided to treat the album cover as an art project. There are only 602 unique albums which they designed (each member picking a different colour), and each CD is individually numbered by Ryan.

Most noteworthy, their current single recently hit top 40 in Canada, and top 20 for August is Corporate Kid. Bam!


The third album for the East Coast band Motorleague has proven to be their turning point, with a lot of mainstream radio success. However, singles are not enough these days. They’re a mid level band in a modern world who are continuing to expand their audience, yet feel that they haven’t even “cut teeth yet”. They’re a DIY punk-rock band with folk roots that just have some of the catchiest tunes that I’ve heard.  They are a band that back in my high school days I would’ve majorly rocked out to. Can’t wait to catch a live show, as I know that their energy will be over the top!

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