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Speaking with Brian Byrne

I’ve had the pleasure of presenting/working with Brian Byrne on a few different music projects/concerts/festivals over the years, and I recently had a chance to chat with the former I Mother Earth lead singer to talk all things Musiconomi.


I was not 100% certain what Musiconomi was all about. I skimmed their website, but then found the info that I wanted was on the portion of the site. It spelled it all out for me! ( are the crowd sale experts that have teamed up to mentor Musiconomi).

Folks – this concept is genius. Sheer f*cken genius. It’s going to revolutionize the music industry. And not just for musicians. For DJs. Journalists. PR people. Listeners. Record Companies. Purchasers….you get the idea. The concept behind it is brilliant. It will help remove all intermediaries of questionable value and give more control to the rights holders and creators. I could tell how passionate and inspired Brian was about this. The fact that he hasn’t been this inspired since his first album, I knew that I had to hear all of the details.


There is a lot of interest to this concept as it’s not just a streaming service. The added mechanism of the more “likes”, hearts, shares – whatever the term/concept is – makes this system similar to the social media buttons that we all tap. The consumer will use tokens to boost that artist’s song. These tokens can also be used in exchange for services (for example if an artist is looking for a PR team for their upcoming album, they can use their tokens to pay for that service).

Musiconomi Explained…

Before we get into why people should support Musiconomi, here are the highlights that I learned from Brian:

  • this is a token based system (by using a digital wallet with crypto-currency). B suggested Jaxx’s wallet, which is a popular digital wallet.
  • This is a system that any industry member could use; from bands to DJs, PR folk to record labels; managers to journalists. The artist needs to work things still on their end, but what you put in, will be reciprocated.
  • A hub/community of support is also available to you. From artist ambassadors and industry mentors, to highly experienced marketing managers; you will have connectivity to the wealth of talent and relationships.

A true ecosystem is being developed with this platform. The obvious benefits of being supported by something that is secure, transparent, global , borderless and immediate are amazing.

Brian and I both agreed that there’s been many times in both of our careers (his quite notably more exciting than mine) that we wanted to throw in the towel. But what they’ve created is an answer to many of the things broken within the legacy system. This is the thing that so many have been looking for to help empower and sustain the other 99% of the industry.

What about the other industry leaders?

By no means is Musiconomi saying that there isn’t a place for agents, managers, etc. But for those that couldn’t knock hard enough on their doors, or land that chance at opening for their well known artist, this is their chance. The music industry need this. It is the chance that artists all around the world pray for, yet only a few lucky ones get. The industry has been broken for so long, and Musiconomi brings a secure and transparent platform to a global market.

Brian, along with 4 other founders  have been preparing for many months to have all things Musiconomi ready for their quickly approaching crowd sale on August 29th.

My final question to B was about other music ambassadors. Who else is coming on board? To no surprise, he couldn’t drop any names but he did say there’s a few on his radar. His radar includes the underrated. The bands that flat out DESERVE an opportunity such as this – enter Motorleague. They have had 4 hit singles, yet struggle to be on label “A” with agent “B”. Brian and team are actively searching for artists that bring value to the music scene, and deserve to be on a big stage.

Musiconomi is the answer.


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