Meet Gene Simmons’ Bovine Doppelgänger, Genie

Meet Gene Simmons' Bovine Doppelgänger, Genie

Every Time I Look at You

The doppelganger was born on a ranch in Kerrville, Texas last Friday. Baby Genie even likes to stick her tongue out like the KISS singer.

In an attempt to get the rocker’s attention, Hill Country Visitor, a tourist company which promotes the region of Texas Hill, tried to out the star on social media.

Gene heard about his female calf look-a-like and tweeted, “This is real, folks.” The 75-pound farm rocker and its mother are fine. The owners have promised that Genie is a family favourite and won’t be sold for slaughter.

Devilish Lawsuit Dropped

In June, Simmons dropped his bid to trademark the “devil horns” hand gesture. Gene believes he invented the gesture in the fall of ’74. Dubbed the “devil horns”, it actually means “I love you” in American sign language.

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