The Kingston Playlist: There’s something in the water

Over the past few years, Kingston, Ontario has birthed some of the country’s best musicians.  Whether it’s a burgeoning Queen’s University music scene or there really is something in the water there, here are five Kingston picks for your next playlist.

The Glorious Sons- Sometimes on a Sunday

The Glorious Son have only been together since 2011 but they’ve made some serious headway in the music industry already.  Cutting their chops on the road across Canada, their stage presence and lead singer Brett Emmons’ vocals have managed to stun music lovers across the country. With an unparalleled live performance, the Glorious Sons are the next big Canadian band to watch out for.

Miss Emily Fennell- The Sellout

Based out of Kingston, Ontario, Miss Emily has a fantastic arsenal of musician support.  Her latest album was accompanied by the likes of Gord Sinclair and Rob Baker of the Tragically Hip among others and she’s even shared the stage with Bruce Springsteen.  With a voice like hers, there’s no question why.

The Headstones- Long Way to Neverland

The Headstones are old favourites on the Canadian music circuit.  Around since the 80s these guys have come to be known for their edgy, unique sound.  The band broke up in 2003 but in 2011, fans were once again made happy when the band reunited.  They’ve remained together ever since.

The Gertrudes- All the Dollar Bills Sing Hallelujah

Made up of nine members, the Gertrudes mix old folky sounds with southern flare.  Sounding completely different from song to song, they’re interesting and oddly satisfying to listen to.

The Tragically Hip- The Darkest One

Of course, this playlist wouldn’t be complete without the kings of Kingston- The Tragically Hip.  With a final summer tour in 2016 that left fans in awe of these Canadian beauties, The Tragically Hip are a classic staple for every bonfire, hockey game and more.


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