Coldplay is Coming to a Virtual Reality Near You

Photo: Sam Neill

Ever want to be onstage with Coldplay? Even if it is just to tell Chris Martin ‘Yellow’ kinda drives you nuts? Thursday, August 17 you might finally have your chance. In a VR-kinda way, at least.

Samsung and Live Nation are bringing a 360 degree livestream of one-time Apple band Coldplay’s latest offering from the group’s A Head Full of Dreams Tour happening at Chicago’s Soldier Field to Samsung smartphone users equipped with the company’s Gear VR headset.

Whether or not viewers of the concert will have as much fun watching what Samsung promises to be a “totally new and immersive experience” of the band as Geeks & Beats’ Alan Cross did when he tried out VR for the first time remains to be seen. Not that we advocate tipsy viewing, but Alan’s liquid courage cocktail seemed to help him out a bit.

Virtual reality concerts are still a relatively new concept, and Thursday’s show will be a first for Coldplay. In the midst of their seventh major outing, their A Head Full of Dreams Tour has sold over 5 million tickets worldwide.

Bands such as Third Eye Blind, Lady Antebellum and Imagine Dragons have also experimented with the VR livestream concert idea. Thursday night’s viewers will discover watching the VR stream is not like sitting (or standing…or dancing) in the audience, however. Rather, it is about putting an individual right in the thick of things onstage with the band. So if Will Champion looks directly at you and screams, “Towel!!” you best find one-and quick.

This 360 degree broadcast is scheduled to start at 8:30 pm CT, with a replay being made available immediately afterwards for a limited time. While Gear VR owners in 50 countries will have access to the show, everyone else will just have to spend the night betting on whether or not Chris Martin names his next kid ‘Samsung’.



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