A View From The Bridge: After the Star Trek 50th Anniversary

We’re back with our regular feature we affectionately call “A View from the Bridge.” Here, we take a look at the news and happenings in the Star Trek universe.

As I have written before, Michael refers to me as the “Geeks & Beats Federation Consultant” – or a “Red-Shirt” to Alan. Classic Star Trek is and was my first geek love. It’s hard to believe that the 50th anniversary of the original classic Star Trek has already come and gone! Since this is our first “A view from the bridge” in over a year, let’s take a look back on the celebrations leaving room to look forward to 2017.

Almost as surprising as Geeks and Beats coming back after taking a hiatus is that the new Star Trek TV series Star Trek: Discovery is still not out. Way to hit the 50th Anniversary CBS…! We do know a lot more than we did a year ago, with most of the big reveals happening in just the last 4 months.

The Highlights

Star Trek: Discovery will launch in the US and Canada on Sunday, September 24. The premier will be on the CBS network in the US and on Space here in Canada. This is a departure from previous announcements saying that this would be a streaming-only series. The full cast and production crew has finally been announced, as well!

Discovery will bring back fan favourite, Nicholas Meyer as a consulting producer and writer. Meyer wrote and directed arguably the best Star Trek film – The Wrath of Khan. Discovery will also see the return of the mischievous con-man from two classic series episodes and one episode of the animated series – Harry Mudd. Harry Mudd, another fan favourite, will be played by award-winning Rainn Wilson – most recognized for his role on The Office.

Full details of Star Trek: Discovery can be found here.

The Tour

Classic Star Trek fans were awarded the ultimate trip through the time warp to revisit the lovingly recreated sets of the original show in the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour. The set tour first opened in late 2016 just in time for the anniversary.

Find more tour details here. Also check back in the future for our special report about this unique experience.

The Cruise

The first ever Official Star Trek Cruise was a complete sellout. The maiden voyage set sail on January 9, 2017. One lucky Trekker posted William Shatner’s entire deck side talk online.

Additional voyages have been announced — there’s still time to get tickets to attend this unique and interactive Star Trek Fan Experience! Star Trek The Cruise II is coming in January 2018 and will see fans and Star Trek celebrities on a 6-day, 6-night voyage. Cruise II features George Takei as host to over 20 Star Trek alumni.  Book your trip here.

The Star Trek Tricorder Is Now Real

The original Star Trek Tricorder was devised as a writer’s plot device as a means to inject important story details into a scene. Spock and other characters would refer to the portable computing device for facts like life-form readings, geological features and many other features. The Tricorder became an essential prop that featured a number of features we now take for granted on our smartphones. For example, the infamous Captain’s log is often seen being recorded on a Tricorder, in addition to being an informational display.  Doctor McCoy had a special version of the Tricorder that served as a medical device giving the good doctor vital signs of his helpless patients.

For the 50th anniversary, CBS and Paramount Pictures hosted an international contest for a company to produce a real working Tricorder.

This is technically the second time a company has produced a functioning Tricorder. Vital Technologies Corporation in 1996 offered a working Tricorder that featured working colourmeter seen above. Among its many features included, an EMF detector, light meter, weather station among many other features. The working original dubbed the Mark 1 Tricorder can be found here.

On April 13, 2017, the winner was announced. The winning device, looking nothing like any screen used, is more of a Doctor McCoy medical device than a traditional science model as used by Mr.Spock. See the full details on the winning model here.

Star Trek tech is once again influencing real science.

Canada Post along with the Canadian Mint issued a series of tasteful collectibles for the 50th anniversary. The second wave features Captains from all the Star Trek TV series. The first wave, released early in 2016, featured only images and characters from the original series.

It may just be the Canadian in me but the Canada Post offerings are much stronger than their American counterparts…





Not everyone thought the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek was all it could be…

io9 Blogger, felt CBS and Paramount royally screwed up Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary

Star Trek Not Happy

Looking ahead… 2017 Marks the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek The Next Generation

Star Trek TNG Season 1 Cast

Many fans are still basking in the comet trail of the original series 50th anniversary, but on September 28, 2017, they’ll be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the first follow-up series. Star Trek: The Next Generation first aired, on the then newly-launched Fox TV network, 30 years ago. Set some 80 years after the events in the original series, The Next Generation followed the adventures of Captain Jean-Luc Picard on the fresh-out-of-space-dock, USS Enterprise 1701D.

Geeks and Beats will continue to feature more updates on this historic anniversary as we get closer to the official date. Until then, “Live Long and Prosper.”

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