Kenny Shields of Streetheart Dies

Shields’ band, Streetheart, were given tons of local radio support by CITI-FM. Streetheart sold a substantial number of albums through a career that extended about a decade. They even survived the departure of guitarist Paul Dean and drummer Matt Frenette who bailed to create a new band called Loverboy.

Here’s the title track of their debut album. This one got a lot of play on the Roadstar cassette deck in my ’79 Firebird.

Sadly, singer Kenny Shields died this morning (July 21). He’d been ill for some time and the band had been forced to cancel their entire 2017 tour. Kenny’s heart just wasn’t working as it should, its efficiency down to 20% on the left side. This caused damaged to the right side of the heart, which in turn resulted in a dangerous buildup of fluid in his lungs. Earlier this month, he was rushed into emergency surgery but was left very weakened. There was no chance of him ever being able to fly or endure the rigors of a live show.

Shields’ Bandmate Jeff Neal confirmed the news Friday on Facebook. He was 70 years old.

The Outpouring of Love on Twitter

Twitter today has been a place of sharing. Tweets sharing Streetheart stories and stories of Shields. Many tweets talking of his huge heart and big talent. One tweet read Shields was “one of the best Rock’n’Roll vocalists ever from Canada”. The user had been a fan since the 1970s.

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