The Infamous Umbrella Britney Spears Used in 2007 Goes up for Auction in August

The Infamous Umbrella Britney Spears Used is up for Auction.


Britney Spears in her 2007 meltdown using an umbrella on a papp's car.

Britney Spears in her 2007 meltdown using an umbrella on a papp’s car.

That night in 2007

The infamous umbrella pop star Britney Spears used in 2007 can be yours. If you’re the highest bidder. A piece of pop-culture history is heading to the auction block.

Daniel Ramos, the photographer Birtney attacked in 2007, says he’s ready to part with a pop culture history. Ramos is making a movie and needs the dough. On the good side,  he plans to donate half of the proceeds to a charity of the pop star’s choice.

February 2007 saw Britney twirled up in a custody battle with Kevin Federline, and she had shaven her own head at an L.A. salon.

The faithful night had Britney at a gas station when photographers swarmed her car. The princess went on the attack with the umbrella and smashed Ramos’ SUV.

Britney Ever After

Britney’s wacko year was made into a Lifetime movie with 2017’s Britney Ever After. The movie received much flack from fans.

TMZ reported that they had seen Ramos at an airport with the pop culture artifact and it looks in good shape. However, Ramos “wouldn’t recommend it being used in the rain”, read the article.

Ramos predicts that umbrella could fetch around $50k. The umbrella goes up August 10th through RR Auction.



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