Have You Heard of…HAIM

Have You Heard of...HAIM

These three rockers hail from LA, and call themselves Haim (pronounced HY-am/Hai.am and stylized as HAIM). First of all, Este Haim is on the bass. In addition, Danielle Haim mans both the guitar and lead vocals, while Alana Haim has the other guitar and the keys.

The sisters grew up in a musical family. They played with the idea of forming a band in 2007 but didn’t really take the music biz seriously until 2012. Their first release, Forever, was a limited time download EP. It got high praise at the South by Southwest festival which lead to a Polydor Records and management deal with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation group. HAIM were named the Best New Artists at the Grammys in 2015 and their second album, Something to Tell You dropped this month.

“Want You Back”

The first time I heard HAIM was a few months ago. YouTube suggested that I may enjoy this video. Naturally, I trust YouTube with all my new music needs, so I watched it. I thought the video was smart, hip and fun. The video got me to do more research on this all-girl band.

The first version of “Want you Back” was actually “super slow” revealed Danielle to Pitchfork recently.

We had it in that place for a long time, and [finally] we were like, ‘Something is not working with this song.’ So we went to the classic, go-to producer [questions]: ‘Is the key right? Is the tempo right?’ After months of working on it, we were like, ‘OK, let’s try this 30 BPMs faster.’

“Right Now”

“Right Now” is a beautiful slower tracks from HAIM. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, he is known for Boogie Nights and There Will be Blood.  “Paul came into the studio as we were trying to figure this one out and he said, ‘I just want to record you.'” revealed Danielle. “So a lot of the stuff we recorded while he was filming us was stuff we used in the final recording of this track.”


And if you haven’t fallen in love with these sisters as of yet, here’s another one. I dare you to not love them. California Lottery recently teamed up with HAIM to further the lottery’s mission for education. The band went back to the start and #ThankATeacher. “Due to the right funding, the right support and the right teacher, any student can imagine their possibilities.”  The teacher that the sisters thank is Mr Freedman, their music teacher at Los Angeles County High School for the Arts.

“I remember him starting some of the lessons with us listening to music. He got us all newspapers, and we’d talk about current events. He would always bring it back to history, and really opened our eyes to what was going on in the world.”

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